Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New springy ride-on animals!

Brand new from You Know, For Kids - the playground spring animal!

I'll admit - there are many others who've made rocking springy animals on SL, but most use a script that requires you to turn on and off the rocking motion manually, helping to contribute to laggy playyards with rocking, riderless rides that need constant supervision.

Not these! Thanks to some scripting help from Robin Sojourner, these spring animals will start to rock you when you sit down, and -- better yet -- will stop when you get up! No more lag from unused but operating rides! Perfect any place made for child or smaller avatars, and where you don't want any extra lag!

Three super cute varieties available that'll make you smile: a chicken, a duckie, and a piggie!

Spring Animals

Get 'em at my main store in Livingtree (Located with Robin (Sojourner) Wood's Kick The Can store. Livingtree), or at my other You Know, For Kids locations in Inner Child Depot, booth 103 (Fletcher) and ClownTown (Masquerade Island).

Look for ridable examples at Livingtree, behind Kick The Can, or Inner Child Depot in their center play yard!

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