Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Main Store... You Know, For Kids @ Livingtree

A brand new main store... You Know, For Kids!

Now open for business!

You'll now find You Know, For Kids! within its own wing at Robin (Sojourner) Wood's Kick The Can store, now located in the brand new, totally cool Livingtree region!

In addition to all the stock you've come to know from me (animated, spinning pinwheels, Underwoos, EZ Bake ovens, Bright-Lites, "Slow: Children At Play" signs, kids' lamps, and my lemonade stand) you'll also find several new goodies, like playground slides (that really work!),incredible low lag kids picnic tables, a "Playground" sign, and information about my custom block sets! Check out the playground in back of the store and try 'em all out!

You'll also find some of my most popular goodies at my other You Know, For Kids locations: Inner Child Depot, booth 103 (Fletcher), Playland Mall (Supremacy), and ClownTown (Masquerade Island).

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